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We are celebrating our first full year of business at Harbinger eDiscovery with an excellent offer for those firms utilizing eDiscovery or trying to decide if eDiscovery technology will assist their firm.

Until the end of 2017, we are offering to process and host up to 100 gigs of data for no initial charge. You will have 30 days to review the data on our Harbinger eDiscovery platform at no cost during this 30-day trial offer. We will contact you after 15 days to get your feedback. At that time, you will decide if your firm wants to utilize the product going forward or to stop the service at the end of the 30 days. Stopping the service at the end of 30 days will terminate the agreement as well as any fees going forward. Limit one case per firm for new Harbinger eDiscovery clients only.

Should you decide to keep the service, the ongoing monthly fee would be $30 per gig per month based on the amount of data being hosted. All other services are available at our standard and customary rates.

This offer is limited to the first 50 customers that accept our offer during this promotional period. All agreements must be signed and returned prior to December 31, 2017. Cases containing more than 100 gigs of data will be considered on a one-by-one basis with special pricing allowances.

Please contact Paul Smith at 214.295.4593 to take advantage of this promotional offer or email 30DayOffer@eharbinger.com.

Disclaimer: Available to U.S. Law Firms and Corporations only. Does not include collection of data, data analytics, media, or forensic services. A non-responsive participant’s account will automatically be closed after the 30-day period without notice. Participants in this offer are at the sole discretion of Harbinger eDiscovery.