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Author: Cindy Moen

Harbinger Expands Digital Forensic Examiner Team with Addition of Attorney and IT Systems Administrator Lisa Rodriguez

Today we announced the addition of Forensic Examiner Lisabel M. Rodriguez to our team of eDiscovery and digital forensic experts. Lisa has more than eight years of experience as an IT systems administrator with a background in a broad range of IT areas such as network and system security, help desk operations, hardware/software upgrades, digital […]

Is Naming our eDiscovery and Digital Forensics Offerings Rocket Science?

We could start this blog throwing around a bunch of business clichés to help explain some recent changes at our company: We’re leveraging a best practice in naming conventions We’re shifting the paradigm to align with our core competencies We’re moving the needle to empower our tiger team We’re seeking buy-in from our stakeholders Our […]

Data Security and the Law Firm’s Legal and Ethical Obligations

In years past, security at law firms simply meant putting files away and locking the door on your way out. Today, even taking the step to password protect desktops is not enough when it comes to security of client information. Law firms and lawyers are subject to obligations, rules and regulations at the State, Federal, […]

Harbinger eDiscovery Launches New Version of Web-Based eDiscovery Platform with a 10-Fold Improvement in Performance

Today we announced the release of version 2.0 of the Harbinger review platform with a new infrastructure that has dramatically improved performance for its users. Many frequently used features such as file loading, searching and filtering now offer instantaneous results instead of the usual wait times associated in most tools with the volume of documents or […]