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Harbinger Expands Digital Forensic Examiner Team with Addition of Attorney and IT Systems Administrator Lisa Rodriguez

Today we announced the addition of Forensic Examiner Lisabel M. Rodriguez to our team of eDiscovery and digital forensic experts. Lisa has more than eight years of experience as an IT systems administrator with a background in a broad range of IT areas such as network and system security, help desk operations, hardware/software upgrades, digital […]

Is Naming our eDiscovery and Digital Forensics Offerings Rocket Science?

We could start this blog throwing around a bunch of business clichés to help explain some recent changes at our company: We’re leveraging a best practice in naming conventions We’re shifting the paradigm to align with our core competencies We’re moving the needle to empower our tiger team We’re seeking buy-in from our stakeholders Our […]

Data Security and the Law Firm’s Legal and Ethical Obligations

In years past, security at law firms simply meant putting files away and locking the door on your way out. Today, even taking the step to password protect desktops is not enough when it comes to security of client information. Law firms and lawyers are subject to obligations, rules and regulations at the State, Federal, […]

For SaaS Companies, Transparency Starts With Their Pricing

It’s a question every SaaS company must ask itself: “Should we publish our pricing?” It appears that many top SaaS companies are answering with a “no.” A recent study showed that only 21% of SaaS unicorns (SaaS companies with a billion-dollar valuation) publicly publish their pricing. So what’s the reason so many SaaS companies have […]

Harbinger Adds Tech Industry Veteran Matt Sturrock to the Team

PLANO, TX – December 13, 2017 – Harbinger, a Protegga company, and creator of a web-based eDiscovery tool with robust capabilities to review all types of Electronically Stored Information (ESI), today announced the expansion of its team to include tech industry veteran, Matt Sturrock. Throughout his career, he has been assisting businesses with their processes […]

Harbinger eDiscovery Free 30 Day Trial Offer

We are celebrating our first full year of business at Harbinger eDiscovery with an excellent offer for those firms utilizing eDiscovery or trying to decide if eDiscovery technology will assist their firm. Until the end of 2017, we are offering to process and host up to 100 gigs of data for no initial charge. You will […]

New Report Forecasts eDiscovery Market Will Become a $19.8 Billion Industry By 2023

The eDiscovery market size is growing at a record pace worldwide, with double-digit growth numbers being forecast by industry experts. According to a recent report by P&S Market Research, eDiscovery will be a $19 billion industry by 2023. The report forecasts high market demand for eDiscovery, which will continue to grow in both scale and […]

Judge Scheindlin’s Ruling on Metadata Production

Southern District of New York Judge Shira Scheindlin has issued a sensible, succinct decision on the production of electronically stored information, and more importantly the metadata fields which should be produced. Additionally, she concludes that this issue could have been avoided, had the parties had the good sense to “meet and confer.” The metadata fields […]

e-Discovery Gamers

E-Discovery Gamers: Join Me In Stopping Them The above is an interesting blog by Ralph Losey. Is Civil Litigation and e-Discovery just a game? Does the truth matter and who is responsible for seeking the truth? Computer Forensics The process of a digital forensic investigation demands the truth. Not the shaded truth. Not the truth that is […]

Clawback Enforcement

As shown in the e-Discovery Team Blog on Clawback Enforcement, the wrong vendor selection can potentially cost you much more than the price per GB. Qualifications must be the first criteria followed by ethics, infrastructure, and finally price. Get the first three right and price should follow. Traditional e-Discovery firms were born from the days […]