The Harbinger Difference

Harbinger is committed to providing the best, most cost-effective Litigation Support solutions through our Digital ForensicseDiscovery, and ESI Collection services. Here are the main points that set us apart from the competition:

Experienced, trained, and certified experts

  • All eDiscovery work is performed by licensed and certified Digital Forensic Experts
  • In-depth computer and networking knowledge based upon real Corporate, Cloud, and Home technology experience
  • Digital Forensic Experts are court tested
  • All Digital Forensic Investigations go through a peer review
  • Equally important is our knowledge of how the information we supply may be applied to your case, based upon years of expert witness experience in a variety of circumstances in various State and Federal courts

Evidence is secured in audited safes behind biometric doors with 24/7 surveillance

Extensive Quality Control Processes to ensure proper checks and balances

S.A.F.E.™, System for Accurate Forensic Evidence, an in-house developed complete case management system

Ethical billing practices

  • We collect and pay sales tax in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas
  • We don’t bill for simple email responses or phone calls
  • Competitive cost-effective transparent rates
  • We do what it takes even when we can’t charge for it

Precise, Methodical, Impartial, and Ethical

  • Court-appointed independent experts
  • Rule 11 Agreement independent Digital Forensic and eDiscovery Experts
  • Passionate about discovering the truth
  • Ethics mandated, and strictly enforced, from the CEO
  • Unbiased opinions based solely upon the digital evidence uncovered
  • Committed to Digital Forensic standards and procedures
  • Extremely thorough documentation and chain of custody for all collected evidence
  • High-quality and validated forensic tools always utilized to gather and analyze digital evidence

Receptive and adaptable business structure

  • Responsive to clients’ needs and timelines
  • Deal with the same highly qualified individuals time and time again
  • Ability to adjust to fit the specific needs of each client
  • Average employee tenure in excess of seven years
  • Majority of business from return customers and referrals