eDiscovery Processing & Hosting

eDiscovery processing and hosting are important steps in a highly efficient and cost-effective eDiscovery process.  Data involved in eDiscovery must be processed before it can be hosted and reviewed. Processing eliminates irrelevant and duplicate documents and sets up your data for efficient and cost effective eDiscovery hosting and review. 

What is e-discovery?

Introduction e-Discovery is the identification, collection, review, and production of information stored in electronic format, “ESI” or “Electronically Stored Information”, (e.g. emails and their attachments, text messages, spreadsheets, presentations, memos, reports, and computer-generated information, such as link files, registry entries, log files, configuration data, and metadata).

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eDiscovery Pre-Processing

eDiscovery processing and hosting begins with a pre-processing step. Pre-processing is not clearly defined within the Electronic Discovery Reference Model. It falls between the Collection and Processing phases and is imperative in reducing eDiscovery costs by thinning out of the overall reviewable data set. During pre-processing, several steps may occur:

  • Data staging by custodian, source, subject, etc.
  • deNISTing, removing known non-relevant data.
  • Initial deduplication.
  • Extract potentially relevant data from backup sources.
  • Pre-filtering, or culling, by keywords, dates, file types, etc.

We may over-preserve at this phase to ensure no risk in spoliation, but you should not pay for the processing of irrelevant data. We give preference to an inclusionary process, filtering the collected ESI by dates, file types, keywords, custodian, etc.

eDiscovery Processing

The primary goals of the Processing Phase are to normalize the data set, apply additional filtering rules, deduplicate across all custodians and shared data, tag data with potential privilege alerts, OCR conversion on image files, such as TIFF and PDF, identification of encrypted and other non-readable files, identification of foreign language files, assignment of parent/child relationships, metadata extraction, full-text indexing, email threading, etc.

You incur most most of your eDiscovery costs during the Processing and Review Phases. A properly executed pre-processing phase  greatly reduces this cost exposure.

Hosting for Review

Harbinger’s web-based e-review platform is one of the highest performing and most functional tools available today for reviewing ESI. The Harbinger eDiscovery Platform was meticulously developed and designed by attorneys, paralegals, and Protegga’s Digital Forensic Experts to be user-friendly and clutter free and offers new proof that we continually strive to provide exceptional outcomes for our clients.