Harbinger eDiscovery Platform Features

Intuitive Interface

Harbinger is truly on the current, cutting edge of technology and is an extremely effective eDiscovery platform. The driving force for our development was “simple, yet sophisticated.” Our developers focused on minimizing keystrokes, mouse movements, and mouse clicks to maximize e-review efforts. Searches are uncomplicated, and the results are coupled with a sophisticated filtering and sorting system. Collaboration was added to share searches, custom views, data exclusions, and folder organization with other reviewers.

Interactive Viewing

This feature allows you to view files in a fast, near-native format -- as if using Excel, PowerPoint, and more -- directly in your browser. You still will have the option of viewing printable PDF and plain text versions, so you can choose the format that best suits the situation.

eDiscovery eMail Threading and Tagging

Not Suitable For Work

An advance Deep Learning AI algorithm is used to give all images a likelihood of containing “Not Suitable For Work” content such as nudity and pornography. You can search or filter out these images based on a sliding scale of NSFW probability. This cutting-edge method exceeds the performance of the currently widespread naive “skin tone percentage” method.

eDiscovery Searching & Filtering

We have designed an incredibly effective, relevant, and user friendly e-review system. For simple customization, our users can choose to exclude or hide certain data from future searches. Further, pre- and post-filtering, either by document type and/or individual data columns, are also available to produce more relevant and accurate result sets. The Harbinger eDiscovery Platform is powered by flexibility.

eDiscovery Review Tagging

A unique site feature is only as good as its usefulness and practicality. Harbinger eDiscovery Platform’s sortable floating tag window scores on both counts. Tagging data sets during the review process can become complicated and cumbersome. These issues soften a bit when you are able to move the tag window close to the area of your monitor screen where your work resides or to place more frequently utilized tags at the top of the list. This nifty design element, coupled with multi-level tags, makes the tagging effort much more efficient.

eDiscovery Performance

At Harbinger, we take exceptional pride in our ability to provide our users with consistently high eDiscovery performance. While performance of the Harbinger eDiscovery Platform starts with processing electronically stored information as quickly as possible, the platform must also search and display documents without hesitation, followed by the agility of the reviewing process.

ESI Security

Data protection is our ultimate concern and that is why our redundant systems have been designed with thoroughly encrypted solid state drives and two-factor authentication. High availability is the hallmark of the Harbinger security atmosphere which is based on a fully controlled private cloud and a load-balanced, fully redundant infrastructure including systems, networking components, power, cooling, Internet, and more.

eDiscovery Hosting

Beyond the high-performance, the state-of-art systems and infrastructure, and the closely monitored security, the Harbinger eDiscovery Platform resides in a data center required to maintain Tier III standards, 2N redundancy, and be Internet carrier neutral. This data center is staffed with armed guards 24/7/365 with keycard/biometric access coupled with mantraps and checkpoints at every entry. Harbinger’s data center is also required to maintain SSAE 16, ANSI/TIA-942, PCI-DSS, FISMA, CJIS, Sarbanes-Oxley, and HIPAA certifications.