eDiscovery Searching & Filtering

With the advent of predictive coding, are search features really that important in ediscovery? Of course, they are. Even if you are going to use some form of technology assisted review, one must find relevant and non-relevant sets of data for the training phase. Harbinger took a little different approach to searching than most others.

One client asked early on, “Why do I have to run another search just to filter by email or add a date range?” Short answer is you don’t have to in the Harbinger eDiscovery Platform. In Harbinger, once you start a search you stay in that search adding more and more criteria until you find what you’re looking or until you click the reset button. In addition to all the standard search features, Harbinger also allows column sorting, filtering, and resizing. 


Start with no search active. Notice the Reset button is greyed out. Default grid view does not include excluded items.
Now we've selected all email. Notice the count in the lower right corner of the grid and the Reset button is now orange.
Now we've gone into the search editor and added additional criteria to our email filter.
Here we've selected the dedupe button at the top.
At last the documents I want to look at. Feel free to save this search and run it again later with one click.