Review Interface

Any user-friendly e-review application worth its salt must have a terrific user interface. The review interface must absolutely be intuitive – but what does that really mean? Ever since Apple brought their technology to the masses, experts have raved about how intuitive these devices are. Simply put, this means that wherever logic tells you a feature will be, it should be there, and whatever logic tells you that something will do, it should do it! This is just one area where the Harbinger eDiscovery Platform sets itself apart. All review interface development decisions are based on one concept – “simple, yet sophisticated” – because simplicity without functionality is useless.

From the beginning, we decided to eliminate the pointless high-end graphics that have no purpose and only serve to slow down the review application. After this simple decision, we focused on minimizing keystrokes, mouse movements, and mouse clicks to maximize work production. Ease of searching was the next item of focus. After accomplishing this, our efforts focused on a sophisticated filtering and sorting system. Finally, collaboration was added to share searches, custom views, data exclusions, and folder organization with other reviewers.

If you are an advanced user at creating searches using boolean, synonym, fuzzy, language-based, tagged, and proximity parameters, then go straight to the search bar. If not, then utilize our advanced graphic-based search builder. In a hurry? One of our Protegga Digital Forensic Experts would be happy to write the search for you. Use the Dashboard to gain instant knowledge on custodians, document types, dates, and production sets. Select any of these items for an instant search.

Once a search is executed, the flexibility of the Harbinger eDiscovery Platform really shines through! Multi-sort your result columns and select additional filters within the result grid. Use type filters in any column to further reduce the result set. Ready to review? You can tag, bulk tag, download (native documents or near-native PDFs) individually or in bulk, view documents, see all metadata fields, utilize the floating and sortable tag window, comment, highlight, redact, and organize.

Go ahead, ask around. You’ll find that our users love our application and have complete confidence in it.