Is Naming our eDiscovery and Digital Forensics Offerings Rocket Science?

We could start this blog throwing around a bunch of business clichés to help explain some recent changes at our company:

  • We’re leveraging a best practice in naming conventions
  • We’re shifting the paradigm to align with our core competencies
  • We’re moving the needle to empower our tiger team
  • We’re seeking buy-in from our stakeholders
  • Our moving parts need to be scalable for future growth
  • We need to get our ducks in a row to leverage our ecosystem

Here’s the deal: eDiscovery software and digital forensics investigations are our core strengths. We needed names for both product/service lines. And we needed an overarching company name that represents the integrity of our people and the strength of our offerings. It really is that simple, without using any of the silly business jargon. Here’s how it shook out:

Harbinger, A Protegga Company is our company name. We are a full-service eDiscovery and Digital Forensics provider.

Harbinger eDiscovery Platform is our – wait for it – eDiscovery platform. “Platform” is a little business-speak, so to break it down, it is the software you should use if you want your eDiscovery to be easy, cost-effective, the fastest, and the most secure.

Protegga Digital Forensics is our digital forensics lab, staffed by technical and legal experts who use state-of-the-art forensics tools and procedures to collect, preserve, analyze and present digital information for your matter.

Are we thinking outside the box? Not really. We are doing what makes sense, plain and simple.

About Harbinger, A Protegga Company

Harbinger, a Protegga Company, provides Digital Forensic and eDiscovery expertise and a cloud-based eDiscovery platform to law firms and corporations. The company was founded in 2003, providing digital forensic expertise to law firms and corporations. After more than a decade of suffering through the available eDiscovery software options, the company founders created the Harbinger eDiscovery Platform to ease the cost burden of electronic discovery and provide a simplistic, unfettered interface along with the sophisticated features required for a quick, efficient and flexible review.